The works about to be introduced here, were a part of my Performance ‘Blackclash Blues – A Passing Season’ which was a uniquely designed performance that took place within an allocated space at the awards, “the stage”, and radically off stage too, and throughout night. But the other feature of the performance was the pop up exhibition of artworks on the walls to each side of the church. The imagery in the 9 pieces of work showed related to and complimented the performance.

The works in question were my brand new works, titled the ‘Brain Wave’ series. All these works are digitally created, then printed unto good quality paper.  These artworks are a part of an experience I have created with the Brain Wave series art works, which shall be revealed in due time.

For now, you will soon be able to view more of these works in my Current Works, under Portfolio in the menu. I am also soon creating a short film, which will be focused on the inspiration behind my re-invention and the move to creating these digital art now.

See below for a few pics from the awards launch night.

Standing with the piece ‘BW.1 -Boy’


‘BW.1 -Boy’  piece at the BBE Awards


‘Untitled’ at the BBE Awards


With Geisha and family and other guests at the BBE Awards



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