Angel prints

These prints investigate the mysterious nature of what we have come to call Angels. Within the dark atmosphere and background, there are questions been asked. Are they Male or Female?, Do angels have similar body features and therefore similar functions to us humans?. For example how tall or short are they?, or what sort of environment do they inhabit?. Technically, the images are multi-layered, but quite simplistic in their appearance,using a mix of Lino cut and Mono print. The questions are many, but the answers are few. These works are dedicated to the unattainable, unspecified nature of Angels, dreamy, far off creatures we aspire to see. They have been created through fluid shapes, forms and the use of specific colour in some cases, which have all re-enforced the sense of drama, emotion and even elements of nature which we see popping up here and there, all giving the viewer a sense of familiarity, but at the same time eluding the eye and mind as we continue to unwrap what we have in front of us.

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