Hello all, so as posted on the 5th of October concerning the live BEN interview I went for. I had a real blast at the TV studio with presenter Dr. Pauline Long and her team. I think after several TV interviews and appearances to date, it’s safe to say I have definitely now “acquired the taste” for this sort of exposure and way of communicating to the masses.

Standing with Dr. Pauline Long with my BEFFTA Award after the interview.

As a way to contribute to the current theme or hot topic, and dire situation in Libya concerning African slaves been sold, I added ‘No Slave’ as part of my face paint design. This unsurprisingly became the starting point to my conversation to Dr. Pauline. Needless to say, the previous guest Kofi who had come unto the program as the founder of African Lives.


‘No Slave’ written on my face.

I will leave it there. Full footage of the interview coming just a little later. Do keep your eyes on this site, or on ‘News’ section. Some people I know sent me screen shotted photos of the interview while                                                               I spoke live on the show. Please see below for some additional pictures.

Surprise! surprise!

Showing of one of my Blacked Out Portrait cases during interview.

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