Chosen As Part of BEFFTA Awards Honorary 1000 Under Art Category!!

The last two months has been interesting to say the least! It seems to be what I would call “Harvest Time”. A time when all the quiet planting blooms and blossoms for all to see. A time when the forces of nature decides its time to shine some bright lights on you.

I was recently invited to a gala for the BEFFTA Awards (Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television and Arts) which is in it’s 9th year. I had been to this award ceremony twice in the past, but as a guest on both occasion. This time I was chosen to be honoured under Art, for my creations and contributions to Art which has helped to expose Black talent within what I do in the UK. The welcome was amazing!

I was accompanied by my pal Big JJ and Suzie (the bird) on my right shoulder.

This eventΒ was on the 27th of October 2017.Β Here are some pics from the night. Enjoy!

All photos on occasion taken by Karen Fenn. Copyright 2017 Eugene Ankomah.


Plotting with Big JJ



The excitable red carpet interviewer



Always have time for young fans πŸ™‚


Style is nothing but a choice


This young lady had patiently waited

to take a pic!


A different energy this woman had!

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