‘Figure It Out’ Exhibition Opening!

Since I have not been part of a group show for a while, I was particularly looking forward to this show. Filled with international exciting talent, I also looked forward to connecting with some of them, on what turned out to be quite a warm but fun summers evening!

On entry, the arrangement of works on the wall felt natural and geled well together. I was immediately greeted by four people as I walked in. Two of them being my old time friend, supporter and hyper realist painter Chuck Munroe and his partner Barbara. The rest of the night was just filled with what felt like a new audience who had just discovered my work. It seemed this audience, being fascinated by my pieces wanted to ask lots of questions, mainly on my techniques, my processes, ideas and general approach. In the end I had a splitting migraine, but I was truly chuffed and humbled by the endless stream praise and extraordinary compliments that was shooting out from this new audience. Certainly one of those nights to remember! But also a night that made me new friends and aquintances😀

A big thank you to Leontia gallery and congrats on a beautifully curated show!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

See below for some pics from the evening!


Experimenting with some shots!

       With Chuck and Barbara!

With Artist Ego Lapinus!

Finally caught a quick click with curator Leontia and guest Kriztina 😊


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