New Exhibition at Leontia Gallery!

Hello all,

So it’s been quite a busy few months, and proving to be a hectic November indeed. I have had to balance multiple projects all at once. Each requiring a slightly different approach to it and perhaps even requiring a different part of my brain to creatively pull it altogether. Well that’s what it’s felt like any way. But honestly, I enjoy and always will seek the challenge it gives me!

Leontia gallery has open up a new show titled ‘Godliness’. It’s an exciting show about God, gods and power, mystery and spirituality in art.
If you are around in the North West of London, do pass through to see it.
The show opened on the 1st of November, and as usual, it was a lovely affair meeting the public and the other artists present.

The feedback has been awesome, so if you can, then do not miss it!!

See attached poster for more details.

Observing the crowd


Holding one of my new prints ‘Female of The Species’




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