So, on to the next one as they say!

Since introducing my Brain Waves digital series of works, I have really being looking forward to displaying them, excited to share my vision with these works, which has inspired and injected me with such electricity, that I have not been able to stop creating these things. To me, its similar to having learnt a new language, and realising you could have always spoken and communicated in other ways.

OK, so my new exhibition Future Image is in collaboration with Paint Jam London, who specialise on art workshops and inspiring art events, to say but a few. If you want to no more about this series of works, please read my previous post, or previous blog entry.

Without saying too much to spoil the surprise, we are having a Private View on the 17th of March. It starts from 6.30pm till 9.30pm, and its just for 3 days!

We are asking that everyone sign up to the event for free tickets. This will allow us to have an idea off numbers attending on the night. Here’s the link to thatΒ

Please see this official poster below for more details. Also see the event bright link to sign up.




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