Nominated For The First Ever BBE Awards!

As part of my very eventful last two and a half months, I received an email early September from the organisers of BBE Awards (Black British Entertainment)to state I was going be nominated for an award under the category of Best Creative Artist. This category also features a dance company and an animator.

The launch of the award was to take place on the 28th of October, and I had been asked to create a performance and a pop up art exhibition for it. To cut the story short, I then started to create a brand new concept of a live art performance for this special occasion. After much thought, I titled it ‘Blackclash Blues – A Passing Season’. The title was in reference to Nina Simone’s Song Backlash Blues, which was released in 1967. A song which amongst other things deals with oppression, racism,the war in Vietnam and so forth. I had designed my concept to pull out and express the journey of an “immigrant/s” and wanted it to be strong, very strong, both in it’s concept and in the way it would be presented to the audience. I wanted it to be interactive, unexpected and innovative.

Now, I will allow the press to tell you the rest. See below for links to sample articles that have been written about it so far.

With Geisha Davis, Big JJ and Humpty


During the first “stage” part of the performance


With co-founder Jean Gasho and Geisha on the red carpet



Farouk(the young star) Geisha and moi getting up to no good on the red carpet


Lastly, the BBE website has a good in depth break down of my performance

Backlash-Blues, A Passing Season By Eugene Ankomah –The Break Down

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