Past - Cypher
exhibition 2004

The Cypher paintings came out of a collaborative experiment and concept created by Eugene and another artist friend Marcus Owens. The idea was to simply ask the public to choose random single words (35 of them). These words were then written on pieces of paper, folded and then placed in a hat, ready to be picked. The two artists then set up canvases and various other supports, such as wood panels to work on. Each support or painting surface then had a divider placed in the middle to block each of the two artists from seeing the other’s interpretation of the words (whilst painting). Giving themselves 4 hours each time to complete the painting. All brushes had to be put down once the four hours was up. So time was of the essence.

This unique and inventive project became a fun interactive approach to making art. In a sense a bit of a live Performance piece as well,as everything was made and created live as the public came, watching and often asking questions about what they were seeing developing before their eyes. In the end, about 15 paintings were completes over a period of a week and all the pieces were then displayed for the public to view in the official exhibition titled β€˜Cypher’.

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