Re- Caping On Latest Activity Before End of Year

I have generally been so busy that, I have honestly forgotten to update on my activity on here. Social media has been my focus for several months, so if you are reading this and we are not connected on there, then do find me on there. I’m usually more active on Facebook and Instagram, and occasionally on Twitter.

Here are some visuals to aid me in getting accross some of my non stop schedule of late.

As mentioned in my previous post, which was all about my new exciting project ‘Re- Claim: Memories Lived’. This was truly a big project with many aspects to it. I should be creating a project page (In Gallery – Latest Project)at some point to help explore more of the details concerning this project, but for now here are some installation pics of the exhibition.



If you follow what I do creatively, you will know that I was blessed and humbled around this time last year to have received two awards. One being the BBA Award for ‘Best Creative Artist’ which was voted for by the UK public. The second was a BEFFTA Award, as I was chosen as part of 100 honours list of recipients.

This year, I once again received an email from the BEFFTA organisers who put my name forward for a public vote for ‘outstanding contribution to my Industry’, obviously artistic contributions. Just incase you are wondering for which work/works or project got me noticed?, well there have been a few, and this includes my projection, protest and the making aware of the LibyanΒ  Slave Trade, through both Performance and some 2Dimentional creations.

Other works that were noticed and appreciated include my recent and ambitious project on knife crime, namely ‘Re- Claim: Memories Lived’. Which has created a ripple effect with various organisations wanting to collaborate.

See some pics below from the BEFFTA Awards


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