When You Come Accross A Deep Truth.

I know the statement posted below is one of those that would be read as a bit of a statement that is perhaps casually hinting at something profound. I know many will miss the fact that it is in fact a life changing statement – if really understood, and better still – if applied!

We tend to see life as a series of events that are almost planned for us to go through. As if we have no choice, or that our voice, opinion or that our unique way of seeing isn’t some how strong enough to hold some weight of truth in the bigger scheme of things. That the ideas we have are not strong enough to be seen as a contribution into the cannon of whatever it is that we want to add to. BUT, once we get to a place of understanding and confidence, to push forward what we represent, then we start to realise we too have the power to “be”.

Thats why I love this statement or quote. It’s saying in other terms, don’t wait for……instead think, design, create and own that thing you have. OWN your future! OWN your uniqueness!!



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